CRUDBooster – PHP Laravel CRUD Generator

Hi Guys, this morning I’ll show you app that make you work more easy , yeah, this app can help you finish your app without you need much coding, cause niw I’ll show you a CRUD  ( Create, Read, Update, Delete ) Generator .Wow, it’s awesome …

You can build your web app moee quick with this. Creating a website that such applications are not easily imagined. In the making a module we have to make the function “Create”, “Read”, “Update”, “Delete” and also make “Controller” and “View” on each module. It is very a waste of time. With CRUDBooster all that can be made automatic. and see below for information of this feature:

Main Features

No Features CRUDBooster
1 Easy Installation with Installation Wizard Yes
2 1 Click CRUD Generator Yes
3 Full Customize Module/Controller Yes
4 Full Join Feature in Table and Form
5 Full Privileges Mode Built In Yes
6 Build as Multiple Backend Ready
7 Select Load From Table or Own Data
8 Select AutoComplete Load From Table
9 Select by Browsing Data Mode (Ajax)
10 Completed Form Input Types (text,radio,checkbox,textarea,wysiwyg,etc…) Yes
11 Hook For Custom Function Yes
12 API Generator + Auto Documentation
13 API Custom Yes
14 Create Own Standard Controller Yes
15 Full Responsive (AdminLTE) Yes
16 Export Data Ready in XLS, CSV, PDF, with Paper Setting Yes
17 Sorting and Filtering Data, Even periodic filter by date Yes
18 Dashboard Easy Customize For Graphic Bar, Graphic Line, Graphic Pie, Graphic Static Yes

Let’s try, and Download from GitHub Now