I’m an alumni from islamic university of sultan syarif kasim Riau, on Information System department, I like programming, philosophy, writing, travelling, photography, design, arts, music, and medic.

I was born on april, 14, 1993. and have finis junior high school on MTs Hidayatul Islam, and continue to Senior high school in MA Raudlatul Muta’allimien, next… I take studying computer on information system department.

Now, I was busy on my work as IT Support in Senior High School. But I never forget do my hobby. they’re Photography, Graphic Design and Video Editing.

For my collection photos of travelling you can see on instagram @shouarts_nature_photography

for my collection photos of graphic design and video editing you can see on instagram @shouarts_design

Okey, I think was enough, and enjoy my articles ^_^

Thanks 🙂

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